An international meeting place for professionals in the art of living, interior decoration and design, this show brings together twice a year more than 3,000 brands from the sector and 90,000 unique visitors. The editorial staff are live from the event to find the latest trends in terms of furniture, materials, patterns and colors.

Two palettes clearly stand out this year: that of light colors which brings together neutral tones, vegetable greens, sky blues and soft pinks, and that of dark colors which includes terracotta, wine hues or even deep blues. Here are the curated colors for interior design by In-Art Studio, the best interior design company in Bangladesh.

1. Natural Color

Neutral tones are no longer used only as a simple showcase of a more daring shade, but become the main component of a decorative palette. We apply them without hesitation on walls and furniture, and we can energize the final result by small touches of darker colors on small furniture and accessories.

2. From sand to vanilla yellow

Continuing the naturals, the colors sand, vanilla, straw, faded yellows, sometimes washed out, rise in tone and add a soft warmth to interiors. They are also among the neutral tones currently appreciated for their relaxing and soothing virtues, which meet the needs of an eventful society in search of naturalness.

3. Tender greens

Greens are in all their forms and are definitely popular in decoration lately. Paint manufacturers are also unanimous on the issue and many have developed their own vegetable tint, like an ode to nature. This is what we observed in our recent report on the colors of the year .

Deluxe Valentine was also one of the first to raise its “Sweetness of the Dawn” green shade to the rank of color of the year 2020. A shade widely used and declined on the stands of the show in this month of January.

4. The delicate blue of the sky

To complete the range of light colors, this year we find the sky blue , slightly faded, until then rather forgotten in decoration trends. However, it enriches the palette of natural colors by symbolizing the sky and water, an obvious complement to the earth and plants.

5. The marriage of light and dark palettes Clear and dark

Two palettes clearly stand out in the aisles of this new edition of the show. If they can be used separately, they also easily communicate with each other: pastels support toned colors and tonic colors awaken soft shades for a good use of the whole and a successful decoration.