Marble is one of the classic, timeless interior design materials in Bangladesh.

Since the Ancient Roman and Greek empires, it has been used in households. The beauty of the polished, beautifully patterned rock is as high these days as it was thousands of years back. Today, we do not use marbles for statues as ancient civilizations did, but we use marbles in a wide range of use cases in architecture and interior design in Bangladesh.

The reasons why marble has been used for so long are numerous. For a start, it’s an extremely flexible substance. It also has tremendous durability, providing an excellent return on investment. In Bangladesh, if you’re planning to use marbles in your home’s interior design in 2021, you must know that it is a no-brainier. Here are some of the main reasons why marble will be an amazing material to work with within just about any home or office interior.

Why do You Need Marble Elements in Your Home?

Nowadays, marble isn’t just used in flooring. If you like clean, modern interior design with natural materials, introducing a couple of marble elements in your home or in the office will work incredibly.

Marbles have a beauty that never fades. When installed and used properly, marble will remain the same for decades. It is solid, it’s a perfectly germ-free material unlike wood and the colors or patterns will never fade due to scrubbing or washing.

On top of being sustainable and very durable, marble is also incredibly flexible to use. Natural marble is available in various colors and patterns. There’s white, black, red, pink, yellow, green and grey marble to name a few. All of these variations come with colorful patterns within the material. That implies, every single piece of marble is unique. You will never find two matching marbles.

Although very long-lived and versatile, marble is relatively expensive. This is something to keep in mind if you’re planning for an interior design project. Luckily, you can buy marble from many places in Bangladesh to compare prices.

The market already offers different possibilities. Marble-like beautiful tiles and laminated quartz are two low cost choices. They look really beautiful and it will be tough for anyone to find out differences. Moreover, you will have versatility and ease of preservation, just like the real ones.

By now, you have an idea about the wide range of choices, let’s check out some of the ways to add marble materials to your home interior.

Creative Ways to Use Marble Material to Your Home and Office

Marble floors and kitchen counters are two most widely used choices but the use cases are a lot more. You can use marbles in cabinet doors, feature walls and table tops to have an elegance and unique appearance.


in-Art Studio


In this photo, you can see the use of marbles in two cases – as a flooring material and as a table top.

You can custom make the marble table to emphasize the natural stone concept even more. It’s slightly different from the theme of the floor to generate a point of visual beauty while still being in line with the overall interior design idea. As a natural element, marble works really well with other natural materials like wood. Wood brings warmth, whereas marble is cool, which creates a bit of beautiful optical contrast.


bathroom interior design


Marble is also a graceful material for the creation of a soothing bathroom interior design and your very personal spa.

This apartment has a bathroom with space that has gotten neutral tones due to the use of marbles. whites and the right kind of lights. The marble-like beautiful tiles are coupled with silver materials to create the feel of an expensive spa in a residential home.


apartment interior


As said earlier, you can also use marble in different multipurpose ways. You can use marble in a feature wall . Look at the photo and get a perfect example of how it changes the atmosphere in a city apartment interior.

This awesome living room symbolizes luxury and homey. The feature wall creates a simple opportunity to use marble in the design and generates a clean, luxurious interior design concept. You can easily implement this concept in Bangladesh.

Keep in mind, a marble feature wall may become very heavy. Keep this in mind if you dream about using such a statement piece in the home or office. If you do not want heavy material, you might use a replica or fake marbles instead. In that case, the installation will be easier for you and the interior design company.


kitchen interior design

kitchen interior design.

Not only bathrooms, in kitchen interior design the importance of marble is also boundless, which you can never underestimate.


different color pallets marble stones


Look at the two examples we have here, that are based on different color pallets and very different environments by only using marble stones.

In the first kitchen example, dark marbles are used and there is a homogeneity created by the black tiles to create a very luxurious atmosphere. The feeling of richness and luxury are increased with the rich yellow lights.

Larger marble surfaces are used in the second kitchen interior design. There is a feature wall, a kitchen island and a backsplash. Italian marbles are used here in this kitchen decor.  Grey and gold marbles created an unique color and texture. which makes it very beautiful and a pure classic theme for every part of this interior.


beautiful marbles in commercial interior design


Finally, we cannot have a complete view on the use of marbles without looking at the uses of beautiful marbles in commercial interior design.

To create such a formal and elegant environment, marble is the perfect choice for any type of office interior design in Bangladesh. It generates the proper reputation for the office and influences visitors whenever they enter into the office area.

This reception area can be a perfect example of the use of marble in office interiors.

The one of a kind natural marble slabs make the interior clear, while also making the area cleaning and maintenance friendly.

Timeless Luxury is for Everyone to Enjoy 

As mentioned here, marble has a lot of applications in the interior. You can use small and separate marble elements that emphasize the total interior. You can make a big feature wall to instantaneously beautify the home design concept.


Even if genuine marble is not your priority due to cost, there are many ways to bring its luxury into your home or office.


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