What new wind will blow in 2020 and interiors Evolve over the next 10 years, in our homes and in our lifestyles? What transformations are to be expected? To find out, let’s explore.

1. Small interiors and multi-functional solutions

During the 2020s, we will fight to gain space. More and more of us will be moving into small urban interiors.

According to a study carried out by the London School of Economics, 66% of the planet’s inhabitants will live in urban areas by 2050. “Urbanization is indeed one of the macrotrends that will mark the coming decade , ” explains Anne Dencker Bædkel, sociologist and foresight expert at the Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies.

“We are going to get closer and closer to each other, in the heart of cities, where the lack of space is obvious,” she continues.

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The most coveted areas will be even more expensive, further points out the expert.

2. Seniors will dominate the real estate market

During the 2020s, the number of elderly people in Bangladesh will skyrocket, with the entry of baby boomers into the “third age” (the post-retirement years during which we stay fit and active). This trend will continue in the coming years, with 2020 ushering in a sharp increase in the proportion of 75 years or older.

This new wave of seniors will certainly dominate the real estate market – among other things -, notably with shared housing solutions, far from current retirement homes. Seniors in the near future will be in better shape, more energetic and enterprising than those of past generations.

“For a very long time, the house as we imagine it has been a home with parents and children. This vision dominates the market. All this will be redefined by the arrival of another generation of seniors. New real estate market, new forms of housing, this is what is to be expected, ” says Mette Mechlenborg, researcher specializing in housing at Aalborg University.

3. Smarter homes

Technological advances require, our interiors will become more and more intelligent in the decades to come. In short, we are trying to make our lives easier. Imagine a mirror that is also a sports coach, a refrigerator with a small indoor planter.

While increasingly intelligent technology is taking the lion’s share of our interiors provided by top interior design companies in Bangladesh, it is also becoming more and more discreet. Today, invisible technology is a social marker: we no longer want it to alter the decor or the purity of lines. It must be in the background and serve its objectives.