In my daily life as an interior designer and, I ask my clients questions. What type of layout, how much storage, what functions they want… When it comes time to talk about decoration, things get a bit trickier! Even if we all know our sensitivity to this or that aesthetic, it is complicated to express it orally and to have a global and precise vision. Here is my method to help my clients determine the atmosphere that suits them, which you can reuse at home!

Use pictures before words

The way we perceive the decoration or the atmosphere of a room is subjective, it is linked to sensations. The sight, the touch of the materials, the acoustics and even the smells influence what should be called more an experience than a true aesthetic opinion. If we were to characterize aloud each of these sensations with each new environment, well, we wouldn’t have time to do anything else! This is why our brains most often process this information in the background, and we are not used to speaking this kind of thing.

This is why before expressing your opinion in decoration, it is necessary to train. The best way I have found to achieve this (and quickly) is to characterize images. First of all, the general opinion: “I like or I don’t like”; then in detail: “I find this place warm or cold”. The more we progress, the more we realize that we are able to bring back the memories that forged our opinion on the aesthetics of the images that we analyze.

For example, when I see a floral print, I always think of the carpet on which I sorted the marbles. So it is a good memory for me, which makes me always look at floral prints with tenderness and nostalgia.

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Know the decor styles

Once you are trained, you can quickly join one or more styles of decoration, and eliminate others! Yes, but you are not going to take art history lessons to learn about the different interior design trends!

Tips for choosing your personalized decoration

Getting inspired is important, knowing what you like is essential. Now it’s about being creative!

What I prefer in terms of decoration is that the atmosphere of an interior reflects the personality of its occupants! Keep, revamp the furniture you like, take them into account in the overall aesthetic. Think about how to showcase the objects, paintings, travel memories you already have.

And finally, mix the styles! Nothing is more impersonal than a magazine “cut and paste”.(choose your interior decor ) Personally, I have fun mixing very designer and modern atmospheres with a more natural and cocooning side; bohemian atmospheres with an industrial style. Anything goes as long as you like this decor and looks like you.

The real goal of all this is to combine aesthetics, practicality (and why not ecological) to create an interior decor in Bangladesh that promotes your well-being. So have fun!