There are so many ways to create an interior design in Bangladesh that makes you feel good. We can walk by heart. You can choose a color or a material that you like. Or, it is possible to follow an atmosphere, a particular atmosphere that we like. In this article, I offer 3 different styles to (re) decorate the office, 3 different atmospheres with easily identifiable decor codes to easily reproduce one of these atmospheres in your room.


I frequently tell you about feminine and elegant atmospheres on the blog and this type of decoration is quite appropriate for a workspace.

Why choose a feminine decoration in the office?

The atmosphere interior design in Bangladesh that emanates from this decorative style is filled with softness. This is what strikes me as the most interesting. The world of work – even when you work from home is not necessarily friendly. Stress, deadlines to respect, external pressures. There are so many things in the work that can tire us that a little softness can not hurt.

In addition, the decorations of women’s offices are often bright and clear, which makes everyday work pleasant. Light, whether natural or artificial, contributes to well-being. The eyes tire less when there is sufficient light. Morale is better when you see the light of day rather than a pale neon.

Last interesting point also with this type of atmosphere is that it is in the continuity of the Scandinavian style. If a few years ago you decorated your desk in the Scandinavian style, you already have a good basis for feminizing your workspace. You have the warm wood, the bright white, maybe even a hint of pink already. So you won’t need so many modifications to create a new, more modern vibe.

How to create a feminine decoration in the office?

The codes of a feminine decoration are very easy to identify (and therefore to reproduce at home):

A dominant light color: very pale white, gray or beige

A touch of pink for the symbolism but also for its soft and warm side

A touch of gold for elegance and to enhance the white / pink combination

A little wood on the furniture for authenticity and warmth

Special attention to textiles and lighting

The decorations of women’s offices are often bright and clear, which makes everyday work pleasant. Light, whether natural or artificial, contributes to well-being.


I don’t really like opposing the masculine and the feminine, but despite everything, the world is very binary and I have to deal with it. I don’t speak much about this type of atmosphere, yet I really like it. The masculine style is also warm, I also find it reassuring and enveloping.

Why create a more masculine office interior design?

What I like mainly is the functional side of the space. In the office, functionality is often associated with productivity. There are less fuss and the practical side is much more sought after than in the previous atmosphere for example. We therefore choose the furniture because they are beautiful AND practical.

The other point that makes me love masculine atmospheres is the choice of colors. Because even if I often tell you about feminine and elegant atmospheres, I’m not a big fan of pink. I like this color but nothing more. I have a clear preference for dark colors. (And in my daily life, I am a big fan of black and green!) The masculine vibe gives way to this dark color palette that is so trendy now.

How to create a masculine atmosphere in a workspace?

The codes of a masculine decoration are also easily identifiable. I do not know if we can oppose them with the previous style, these are not the kind of questions that I ask myself. And we don’t care. The main thing is to know how to create this decorative style! If you like the industrial style and if your office is already in this style, this is a good base. The masculine style is perhaps more minimalist than the industrial style.

A touch of dark colors in details such as textiles

Noble materials: wood, leather …

Functional and simple furniture and storage

Painted metal for its practical and light sides

Simple and basic geometric patterns


The 3rd atmosphere that I wanted to deal with in this article is much more neutral: it’s the nature style. We all know this style. Even if fashions change, the natural style is still a sure and timeless value.

Why choose a natural atmosphere in a workspace?

Nature for me is a source of well-being and inspiration. I change my work environment frequently since I am a nomad and I am much more serene and productive when I work in a green environment. (I write these words from the middle of Thailand, I am overwhelmed with the banana, palm and exotic plants of the dead end we live in.) Whether your office is in an apartment in the city or in a large house in countryside, the nature style allows you to come back to basics no matter where you are. It is a separate bubble that allows you to recharge your batteries. And if you work from home, this ability to recharge your batteries is not to be put aside.

What is also interesting with the nature style (and not just the slow style which is currently trendy) is its neutrality, its consistency. These 2 qualities are often associated with professionalism. Add to this the calm induced by the natural decoration and we have a winning combo for a serene working environment.

How to create a natural style in the office?

Here too the codes are identifiable in a few moments and completely in tune with the times:

Plenty of natural light

Wood for warm furniture

Natural fibers for lighting and textiles (rattan, wool, jute, linen, bamboo …)

Neutral colors for brightness and simplicity

A touch of green to enhance neutral colors

Plants for a lively and inspiring decoration