Interior Design in Bangladesh is no more a Luxury...

It's the Science and Art of Success

In In-art Studio, we know the science of interior design that affects your well-being as well as productivity.
We design and build to meet your aesthetic demand with the science of interior design blended in it.
We are an interior design company in Dhaka serving all over Bangladesh.

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A highly decorated room with white wall and black sofa.

Whether it is your Home, Office or Business,
a proper interior design is your
key to success.

Where arts meet Sciences...

Interior design is a science as much as an art. For a long period of time, interior design in Dhaka, as well as Bangladesh, was primarily focused only on artistic & aesthetic values of the dweller.

With the development of science & technology, it became clear that only aesthetic values are not the benefits of interior design. Rather, interior environment affects the way we live, we feel even the way we behave.

Showroom interior design determines the choices of a customer in a showroom. Office interior design influences the satisfaction of an employee in the company. Hotel interior design ensures proper hospitality of a guest in the hotel. Overall, interior design directly affects our brains and influences our decision.

Our Services

  • Office Interior Design
  • Duplex Interior Design
  • Apartment Interior Design
  • Bedroom Interior Design
  • Luxury Hotel Interior Design
  • Restaurent Interior Design
  • Kitchen Interior Design
  • Living Room Interior Design
  • Shop Interior Design
  • Dining Room Interior Design
  • Interior Design for Luxury Apartments
  • Interior Design for Luxury Office
  • Interior Design for Kids' Bedroom
  • Interior Design for Convention Centers
  • Luxury Custom Board Furniture Design
  • Home Interior Design

Frequently Asked Questions about our Interior Design Service

Answer: Yes. We provide interior design service all over Bangladesh. Please visit our portfolio here.
It totally depends on the size and scope of the project. Our service team will provide you an estimated timeline during the confirmation on the deal. Note that the required time might vary due to political or any other event or unstability.
We use all sort of local and imported materials for interior design. For example, Wood, Artificial Wood, Plywood, Melamine Board, Gypsum Board, Glass among others. The designers in In-Art Studio are always thoughtful about the approprite use of materials along with the firesafety code.
You can contact us with our e-mail: You can call us at +880 1681 917 731.

Aesthetics + Science = Luxury

This is our motto in In-Art Studio as an interior design company in Bangladesh. Interior design no longer deals with only art. It covers the science of well being and productivity too.

If you search for the list of interior design companies in Bangladesh, you will find a list of interior design companies that are trying to change the total concept of interior design in Bangladesh.

What make In-Art Studio stand out among all the interior design companies in Bangladesh are our commitment, client focused culture and our knowledge in a wide range of fields such as Architecture, Interior decor & Human behavioral psychology.


Residential Interior Design

A decorated room with dining table

Location: Narayanganj

Apartment Interior Design

A room with ceiling and partition

Location: Dhaka

Bedroom Interior Design

A room with black wall

Location: Dhaka

Flat Interior Design

A room with bed and window

Location: Gazipur

Join us in our journey towards an elegent, luxurious Bangladesh...